Jewel on the Hill Buildings Preservation Trust

–          To provide the legal framework for the project a separate company was incorporated.  It’s called The Jewel on the Hill Buildings Preservation Trust Limited (“JOTH”).

–          JOTH is a company limited by guarantee. It is registered with the Charity Commission, with HMRC as a Charity and is a member of the Association of Building Preservation Trusts.

–          The Trustees and Directors of JOTH come from Heritage Works Buildings Preservation Trust Ltd and Hope Street Limited. They are:

–          David Lowther (Chair)

–          Richard Cass

–          Tom Finch

–          John Glester

–          Adrienne Taylor

–          Peter Ward

 About Hope Street Limited

Hope Street Limited is funded by Culture Liverpool and is a National Portfolio Organisation of Arts Council England.  It is a registered charity and is currently based in Arrad Street in the city centre. Established in 1988, it has a long track record of launching the careers of artists, developing theatre companies and pioneering festivals.

Its community engagement programmes have been developed in partnership with agencies including Liverpool Children’s Services, the NSPCC, Merseyside Police, Culture Liverpool and the Primary Care Trusts.

Hope Street Limited is unique in providing the bridge between the Liverpool Arts Regeneration Consortium (LARC) and the Creative Organisations of Liverpool (COoL), which it founded in 2007.



About Heritage Works

Heritage Works is a registered charity that regenerates historic buildings whose cost of repair is uneconomic for the private sector. With a range of partnerships, Heritage Works is able to acquire, refurbish and resell (or lease) property, and is motivated by heritage rather than profit.

Its charitable objectives are:

Heritage Works was established in 1995 to rescue buildings at risk in the Ancoats area of Manchester, reputedly the world’s first industrial suburb.

In 2006, the Trust completed the restoration of two significant buildings as part of the regeneration of Ancoats, whilst implementing an innovative education and outreach project, to involve the community in the regeneration of the Ancoats area.

In 2007 the Trust was renamed Heritage Works and extended its area of delivery to England and Wales, although its focus is on projects within 50 miles of Manchester and on schemes that contribute to local regeneration.

Heritage Works operates as a Trust, managed by a voluntary Board of Trustees.  It commissions external resources to help when projects are undertaken.



Photo credits: Keith Rose and James Sanderson